Methadone is a narcotic drug used to treat chronic pain and opiate addiction.  Unlike heroin and morphine, methadone is not made from opium poppies, but is synthesized in a lab. The difference between methadone and opiate is that methadone does not cause that euphoric high. Additionally, methadone can actually block the effects of opiate drugs–preventing someone from getting high if they do relapse. What methadone does is prevent the addict from going into opiate withdrawal so he can avoid using the opiate drugs and start the road to recovery.

Why do people need it?

Methadone is used to replace the opioid drug that a person is dependent on. It prevents withdrawal symptoms and cuts down on the person’s drug cravings. It does not alter an individual’s ability to work, go to school or care for their family.

It prevents the addict from going into opiate withdrawal, allowing them to reduce or eliminate the harmful consequences of their addiction.


Is methadone safe?

When taken as prescribed, methadone is very safe and will not cause damage to the body or mind, even if it is taken daily for many years. On the other hand, methadone is a powerful drug and can be extremely dangerous if not taken properly under professional supervision.


Successful Completion of Treatment

When you start treatment , we spend the time to provide a thorough assessment. In other words, you will be assigned to a licensed counselor who will make a determination of your specific needs, strengths and resources needed in your life to maintain your treatment plan.  We then work with you to prioritize this assessment into a “problem list”.  This becomes the basis for your treatment plan in which we lay out what goals you want to achieve and the steps needed to make that happen.  Success in treatment is reached when you have met the goals and objectives of your treatment plan.


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