Treatment Philosophy

Every individual is different and has their own set of unique needs and challenges.  Some may choose life-long maintenance while others may act aggressively to become less dependent upon methadone in a limited timeframe. The length of time in treatment will vary from one individual to another. Our staff is dedicated to assist the patient in making positive lifestyle changes.  Our staff will work with each person to match treatment to each individual’s specific needs.

MBA Wellness Center’s Principles of Effective Treatment are:

  • No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals.
  • Treatment needs will be assessed, and treatment readily available.
  • Effective treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual, not just his/her drug use.
  • An individual’s treatment plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary, to ensure that the plan meets the person’s changing needs.
  • Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for treatment effectiveness.
  • Counseling (individual and/or group) is a critical component of effective treatment for addiction.
  • Medications are an important element of treatment for our patients, combined with counseling and other behavioral referral sources.
  • Possible drug-use during treatment must be monitored continuously.
  • Our treatment programs will provide assessment for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases, and counseling to modify or change behaviors that place the patient or others at risk of infection.
  • Recovery from drug addiction can be a long-term process and frequently requires multiple episodes of treatment.
  • Our services will be provided in such a manner as to maintain the safety, dignity, and privacy of the client, while at the same time providing safeguards to protect the health and welfare of the providers and the general population.


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